Can Scar Revision Be Done to a Scar That is 2 Years Old After Lower Blepharoplsty?

When I had lower blepharoplasty I was unhappy with a scar under one eye that looks very untidy. Can I get scar revision as I have also developed dry eye since the operation. Also is scar revision an operation as I believe it can be carried out quickly in an office?

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Dry eye after blepharoplasty is uncommon but suggests that your eyelid function might be impaired

To answer your question about the lower eyelid scar, YES it can be revised. However, the fact that your eye is now feeling dry suggests that your lower eyelid is not functioning normally. You need an in office consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine what the issue might be that is causing your eye dryness. However, if your eyelid is not functioning normally, you might require more than a scar revision to improve the dryness. Seek a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Oculoplastic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon to address and possibly revise your previous eyelid surgery.

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