How to Improve Scar Appearance After Revision?

I have a bad scar on my columella due to an open Rhinoplasty a few years ago. I had to have a revision and the scar was slightly improved by excision and restitching, but it is still really bad (not so much aboout the color but the fact that the skin wasn't aligned properly and now has a little diversion). I know there is no way now that it can be 100% improved, but what would be the best treatment for it now--Dermabrasion, CO2 Laser Resurfacing, Fraxel laser?

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Improving the columella scar after open Rhinoplasty

Obviously, it's difficult to give a reliable answer without a photograph. However, in general I believe that the best option for you would be a scar revision. I understand that you attempted that procedure once, but the results were underwhelming. You should get a second opinion from another plastic surgeon before giving up on the procedure.

Other options such as dermabrassion or laser skin resurfacing are unlikely to make a large difference for you.

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