Scar Revision: My Son, a Light Skinned Blonde? (photo)

years ago had brain surgery, left him with a large scar runs in front of his left ear up across his forehead. Now 27, in that area his hair has fallen out which exposes it more. Can anything be done with a head scar?

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Fractionated resurfacing for scars

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I agree that the scar looks great except that it is lighter than the surrounding skin.  Obviously, at one time it was probably covered by hair and virtually invisible.  It is located in an area which gets a lot of sun, particularly in a light skinned blond so some of the color mismatch may be due to sun damage in the surrounding skin.  Fractionated resurfacing would be my choice based on what I can see but, in person, it might be that IPL could reduce discoloration from the surrounding skin.  It would also be worth considering a hair transplant.  Consulting a physician with a broad range of experience in lasers would be the way to start.  The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) has a web-based directory of  its members and any board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your area who is a member of that group should have a broad knowledge of different laser options.

Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

Head Scar Revision

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Hello 'gder27', thanks for your question.  Based on the photo, it appears that the scar has good quality, meaning it is flat and smooth.  The only thing that makes it stand out is the color mismatch.  Although nothing will make the scar completely disappear, there are things that can improve its appearance.  The best would be CO2 laser resurfacing, which can help blend and camouflage the scar.  The skin tone, which looks to be a Fitzpatrick I or II, lends itself well to resurfacing procedures.  Chemical peels, which do not penetrate as deep, can also help, although usually requires several treatments.  Protection from the sun is also critical since scars will become more apparent after irritation from the UV rays.  Sunblock with SPF >30 and a big hat is recommended.  If you are interested in further information, be sure to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon who will be able to go through the options with you in more detail.  Good luck!


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