Scar Revision for Areola

To correct my tuberous breast, I had a fat transfer (08/28/10) and areola reduction (03/08/11)by two different surgeons at the same time, getting different results. My doctor told me that it's normal that I needed a telescopic technique and that it will heal the same, but it has been a month and those "folds" are not going anywhere. Should I consider a scar revision? And what about the tiny raised white scars around the breast created when he puncture my breast to release the constricted tissue?

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Scar Revision for Areola

Thanks for posting the photo series. I feel you have a very acceptable result. I would recommend revision of the left areo;asr scar/incision at 3 months postoperative. From MIAMI

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Scar Revision for Areola

By the pictures you posted you have nice results although it is very early to say. Not until the swelling has subsided and a period of time passes will we know how much fat survived and the scars settle. I would not recommend a revision in the areola till 6 months to a full year has passed if you can wait. At that point all the swelling and inflammation has subsided and results are best!

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