Having Scar Revision for Under the Crease From a Breast Augmentation

I am part Asian & experienced hypertrophic scarring (dark raised scars) under each crease from BA 2 yrs ago. Scar revision is in 2 weeks. PS is going to cut out the scars, & give me a small shot of steroid to the incision. I will wear a steri-strip for 10 days, then have the stitches removed...then wear silicone sheets. Any other recommendations? I want to make sure I get optimum results this time. Will silicone gel help? Am i supposed to massage the scars to help break up scar tissue?

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Scar revision after breast augmentation

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Skin type and ethnicity often affect healing after surgery, and the appearance of the scar can be location specific. For some the breast fold approach to augmentation may not hide the scar as well as say, periareolar. Your surgeons approach to revision sounds like a good one, re-closure, steroid with caution, and silicone sheeting.

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Appropriate treatment of a hypertrophic scar of the breast after a breast augmentation

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The treatment plan as you outlined is the correct one. I would recommend adding a skin bleaching agent like a hydroquinone which may help lower the risk or extent of the darkening of the scar for which you are at a very high risk.

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