Scar Revision and Nostril Lift?

I had scar revision 2 days ago to fix trapdooring and scarring from initial Mohs surgery 1 year ago. The basal cell was on my nose in lower third of nose. Mohs surgeon said that he caught some of my cheek muscle in original bilobed flap and was undoing it. But now my nostril is lifted again after it took a year to come down a little bit. Steroid injections and cauterization was also used. will the nostril come back down?

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Asymmetry After Mohs Surgery Repair

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It is very common to have some slight asymmetry after repairing the skin from a Mohs surgery procedure. In general, there is swelling under the skin as well as some bleeding or oozing after reconstructive surgery that can contribute to this. When a flap is performed, the skin is repositioned and sometimes stretched from one area to cover the affected area. This stretching can also result in temporary asymmetry. In your case, I would classify the nostril lift on your nose as a type of asymmetry.

It can take some time for the swelling to subside and the elasticity of the skin to relax, and hence the asymmetry to resolve. In general, it take 6 months or more for a surgical wound to heal completely. This applied to both the initial reconstructive surgery as well as any surgical wound produced from a scar revision. However, with scar revisions, I generally find you do not have to wait a full 1 year post op to see the final result.

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