I'm Considering Scar Removal, What Kind of Results Could I Expect? (photo)

I have a large scar (approx. 7 inches long) on my abdomen just above my belly button that resulted from surgery I had as a child. It is slightly lighter than my natural skin tone and very slightly raised. It is soft to the touch. It is also noticeably indented and there is more fat sitting below the scar, giving my torso an uneven appearance (can this be fixed?). If I were to attempt to remove it, how good is it likely to turn out and what kind of treatments would be necessary?

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Scar revision of the abdomen

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Scar revision of your abdominal scar should address the white scar, the linearity of the scar, the contour problem, and the stretching of the scar.  

Scar revision

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Thank you for posting good quality photos.

Your scar is slightly widened, hypopigmented (lighter colour) and slightly tethered to underlying tissues (hence the bulge below the scar).

It will be reasonable to cut out the scar and re-suture carefully.

Though no one can guarantee that the new scar will be better, if everything goes well - I'd expect some decent improvement.

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

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