When Do Suture Marks Disappear After Scar Revision?

What sould I do? I have read about a lot of diffrent time frames: 3-5, 4-6, even some 3-8 days for facial suture removal. Which instance fits my particular situation? Will the scars go away completely, not just slightly fade?

I am on day 3 now since suture removal. I know it's a timely process, but was 7 days too long? Can I expect to see further improvement regarding these slight track marks? Is there treatment or anything I can do to help to fix it? Thank you very much, your help or answers are much appreciated.

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Sutures and removal

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Suture removal is different for different areas of the body. Ranges of days is given because no one date is correct. Initially after removing sutures, there may be track marks even when they are taken out within the "accepted time frame." Some of that is due to swelling. Give it time and see how it does.

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