Solution for Stiff Facial Scars After Injury?

I was in a bike accident 4 weeks ago and injured my face, jaw, and teeth. Above my upper lip up to my nostril, a nickel sized piece of tissue was missing. You could poke a finger through. The lower lip/chin was detached from the mandible. The surgeon reattached my lower chin and pulled together the area above the lip. Now, these areas are stiff. The upper scar is thick and hard and feels like a large, solid lump. The lower scar is immobile/attached to the chin firmly. Should I massage these scars? Can this cause more scar tissue to grow? How long until I should start treating the scars with steroids and or silica?

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Fixing a bulging mass of scar tissue on the upper lip

You may have full thickness scar tissue which can be improved with non surgical treatments. Surface scars can also be repaired with surgical scar revision. 

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Patient intervention can also help improve the appearance of facial scars

Patient intervention can also help improve the appearance of facial scars during the healing process. Typically most facial scars go through a healing process and they look and feel the worst at six weeks and improve over six months. Massaging the scar might be a good idea but I would check with your surgeon first. Also, over the counter scar fade creams like silicone based gels and adhesives are very good in improving scar texture and appearance but once again I would check with your surgeon first.

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