Best Way to Revise a Trapdoor Scar?

On 1/06/09 I was bitten by a dog. It tore skin just to the right side of my chin leading up to my lip. The skin was barely hanging on. As of today (5/8) I have what is called a trapdoor scar, with one side of it contracting,causing the scar to become indented. Also, it's tethering to my lip, causing discomfort. I've consulted many plastic surgeons and have heard differing opinions for scar removal/revision. What would be the best way to restore both the look and feel to a trapdoor scar?

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Revising trapdoor scar

Thanks for the picture and sorry to hear and see the dog bite scar on your lower lip.

Does look like a contracted/depressed scar circumferentially; also see a mis-match along the lip margin. Was the bite closed surgically or left to heal on its own?

Although I have not been able to examine the area, going on the picture and the time frame (5 months), I would recommend aggressive local massage with topical Vitamin E in small circular motions, ironing out the swelling or edema. Avoid sunburns, good Zinc based, non-chemical, SPF 30 or greater sun screen at all times.

At 8-12 months, or when the redness and thickness have subsided, I would recommend a focused repair/re-allignement of the vermillion (red/white line) of the lip and a Z-plasty scar revision. Remember scars are forever, plastic surgery is quicker and can camoflauge them.

Good luck!

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