How to Improve Old and Deep Burn Scars?

I am an African and was involved in a fire accident when I was 2 years old (27 years ago). I would describe my injury as a 3rd degree burn. I have a huge scar on back of my head and on my back. I wonder if I can be able to get medical help to improve their look, apart from the moisturiser I use at the moment? As I grow older, they are affecting my confidence quite a lot. Is there any treatment which can make hair grow on my head as well? Please help.

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Improving new and old burn scars

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Burn scars can change the texture of the skin and cause contracture of the tissue and skin.  I would begin by scar release techniques, pulsed dye laser, IIT, and laser skin resurfacing with fractional co2 laser.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Burn scars

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You may or may not be a candidate for burn scar revision. This is best evaluated in person. As to the hair question, if you had a burned scalp, and the hair growth stopped it is unlikely that you can have any improvment to this. Some people have placed hair transplants throught burned skin, but it depends upon the quality of the donor site and the recipient site.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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