Scar Removal on Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I just had my Rhinoplasty. I have two chicken pox scars on my nose's bridge in between my eyes and I want them to be treated. Is it okay even if i just had my nose job 6 days ago? What's the best scar removal treatment for my scars (two deep holes)?

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Treatment for chicken pox scars on the nose

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Treatment for scars depends on the location, size, and depth of scars. The way you describe your scars (deep and relatively small), your best option may be surgical removal and closure of the defect in horizontal direction. The resulting scars should be a lot less noticeable that the ones your currently have.

Other options for depressed scars are: injection of fillers into the skin, or skin abrassion with laser, mechanically, or with acid peels. I believe the surgical option is the most useful for you.

If the upper part of your nose was treated during your recent rhinoplasty (ie: a bump taken down), then you should wait for six months or more.

Good luck.

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

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