I Had Scar Removal on my Cheek a Few Days Ago. How Soon Can I Use VBeam to Help Remove the Redness?

I had scar removal on my cheek 3 days ago by a facial plastic surgeon. I am anxious to help get rid of the redness. I purchased silicon sheets and silicon gel. I will stay out of the sun as well but I'm wondering how soon I can use vbeam laser. I'm concerned if I use it too early it might affect the absorbable sutures that were used underneath the epidermis. He used 2 layers of sutures removable ones on the epidermis and then absorbable ones that are meant to absorb fully in 2 months.

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How soon to have V beam laser after scar revision on cheek?

There is no exact answer as to how long one should wait to have a V beam treatment on a scar after it's been surgically revised.  In general, the redness in most scars should fade away without the need for a V beam treatment.  The healing of your scar should be monitored by your surgeon and he or she should be able to advise you as to when a V beam treatment might be needed.  As a rough estimate, I would wait at least 3 months and maybe even a year before deciding if a V beam treatment was needed.  Sun protection will definitely help, as you mentioned.  

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