What is the Best Scar Removal Method for a Dark Skinned Patient?

I have small but very dark flat scars all over my back thanks to folliculitis. I have dark skin - so what is the best way to go about getting these scars removed so that I can have a smooth, clear back?

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Discoloration from folliculitis on dark skin

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We routinely treat this condition with the Q-switched YAG laser (not erbium which carries much risk for your skin color) wherein the pigmentation gradually fades with treatments done only once monthly and involves no downtime and very little discomfort.

Topical bleaching products are usually discouraged because of not being able to effectrively reach all areas.  These products also have been known to sometimes create more irritation that leads to more inflammation or discoloration. 

Above all else, it's important to realize that the underlying condition may continue which will lead to additional discoloration.  As such, it's important to know your options to resolve or manage this condition long-term.  If you have thick or medium textured hair on the back, you may want to consider laser hair removal (long pulsed YAG for darker skin types).

As suggested, you must find the right technology for the right skin condition, for the right skin type, combined with a practitioner knowledgeable with same.

Our website addresses all of this inasmuch as we have a high percentage of patients with medium to darker skin types for a variety of skin conditions.  Please see below link.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Best method to improve folliculitis induced hyperpigmentation

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What you are describing sounds like post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from folliculitis. We have found good success with the use of topical lightening agents combined with 3-5 body peels, depending on the severity of the pigmentary changes. I recommend you consult with a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist that is well experienced treating skin of color.

Making darker scars look better

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It is very common to get left over color after an inflammatory process like folliculitis. I don't consider these scars, just left-over color. Topical fading creams, light peels and even erbium-yag laser all can lighten these.

Barry Resnik, MD
Miami Dermatologist

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