Scar Removal for Lip Scar?

I have a scar on my lip, which is occured due to smoking, how do I get rid of it? Any scar removal options for this?

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Lip scars caused by a burn

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Scar revision on the lips is best achieved using scar excision techniques followed by layered skin closure.  This will help improve the scars. 

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Smoking scar may be a deep wrinkle

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Smoking in and of itself really doesn't cause any scars on the lip unless you burned the skin of your lip with the cigarette. If what you see is a deep line on the lip, then there are several options. Interestingly, if what you see truly is a scar, then the same options apply.
One, you could fill any depression or crease in the lip with a filler such as Juvederm or Restylane.
Second, you could have a skin peel or resurfacing procedure performed to rid yourself of the unsightly line or scar. That would involve a relatively deep chemical or laser peel, as medium or lighter peels won't improve lines, wrinkles, or scars very much.
Thirdly, and possibly the best option for a scar, would be an Erbium Profracional laser peel. This is a procedure where a laser is used to create very small tunnels in the skin. It injures 11% to 22% of the skin so healing occurs very quickly. This can be performed in a medical spa or office setting and does not require any sedation or general anesthesia. The results with Profractional laser treatments can be outstanding, but frequently, several treatments are required.

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