Procedure for Recurring Opening of Leg Scar?

I have an old scar on my lower outer leg about 12 inches long. A few years ago, the scar opened up in small area and grew to be a hold about the size of a quarter and about 2 inches deep. After extensive compression wraps, prisma, and 2 aplegraft procedures, the wound healed. All was good; then I went swimming one day and noticed after drying off, some white stuff on the towel. I looked at the scar and noticed it had opened again. I am a diabetic and keeping my sugars under control. Is there any procedure out there that will cover the scar completely so that this will stop recurring?

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Scars are at risk for skin cancer

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I am not sure who has been helping you with re-healing the scar, but besides excising the bad portion and restitching it, I would want to make sure you have a dermatologist evaluate the situation from a medical as well as a cosmetic standpoint.

Scars are at higher risk than regular skin for forming skin cancers, and it is important to make sure that this is not the reason your old, healed scar is now becoming a new problem.

You did not mention HOW OLD your 12 inch scar is, or what it was caused by. If it was caused by scraping on something like a stick or something dirty, there could also be a deep fungal infection under there which would develop slowly, and potentially show up in this delayed manner.

Please see a medical dermatologist about it in case you have not yet done this, and make sure one of these situations isn't preventing full healing.

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