Removal for Keloid on Ear?

I have a keloid on my right ear the size of a cashew peanut. It happened from an ear piercing session. I permed my hair and kept perming and some of it got inside the hole often and someone hit me really hard on it and it began to swell. I tried sticking it with a stick pin and it bled really bad. How can it be removed? Please help, I have no insurance.

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Surgical Removal

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Concentrated corticosteroids should be used to shrink the keloid, especially if the keloid is of recent origin. The collagen has not condensed and the keloid is more amenable to shrinking.

A month or so later, the keloid can be surgically excised. Yours does not seem to be very large so an excision should be rather easy. Then the ear lobe must be reconstructed. My advice would be to have this done sooner rather than later. Larger keloids are much more difficult to remove.
I would call around and ask for prices. You should be able to find a dermtologist or plastic surgeon who won't charge you an arm and a leg.

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