Treatment for Hypopigmented Chicken Pox Scars?

Any suggestions for treatment of white scars left from chicken pox? I'm having Fraxel for the pits, but have been told it won't help the hypopigmentation.

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Treatment for Chicken Pox scars

The depressed hypopigmented chickenpox scar presents 2 issues that need to be dealt with:

1) it is depressed, and;

2) it is hypopigmented (lighter than the skin around it).

The depressed nature of the scar can be dealt with either filler, subcision, peels or lasers. However, the hypopigmented nature can rarely be reversed. The good news is that if the depression is corrected, then make up can help even out the skin tone.

owever, if you are a male patient, this may not work so well. The next alternative is excising the scars and closing. This often leaves a very fine line in place of the broad depressed scar. I have found this technique to work very well.

I hope this helps.

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