Doctor to Go to for Scar Removal?

I had a car accident over a year ago and I had to have stitches below my eyebrow and it left a scar. I wan't to get treatment but I don't know if I should go to a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for scar treatment?

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Scar treatment

It is important that you go to a doctor with experience in treating post-traumatic scars. Usually this is a board certified plastic surgeon. He/she will not only take a history of your trauma and treatment, but also evaluate your tendency toward scarring and can make the recommendation as to what would be best for your particular problem. Plastic surgeons do not "erase" scars but they can usually repair them so that the amount of scarring is minimal and oftentimes barely perceptible. Do not be afraid to ask questions of your doctor. It's your face. If you are still uncomfortable after a consultation, get a second opinion.

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Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Dermatologist

While many dermatologists, including myself, can excise moles and many skin cancers very well, with results at least the equal of plastic surgeons, scar revision can be a trickier enterprise. There are muscle forces at play here and positioning the scar to "go with the flow" is of paramount importance.

Thus, I would generally recommend a plastic surgeon for scar revision. However, there are a number of dermatologists who are doing similar good work. These are surgical dermatologists, who emphasize surgery and skin repair in their practice. I would not hesitate to consult them also.

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