Can a Dermatologist Fix Not Too Severe Light Scar?

A scab on my forehead fell off about 7 months ago. Pink skin lied underneath. It's now a light red/brown but still noticeable. I'm due to meet with a dermatologist in December, will he able to fix this? How? It seems like a not too severe scar.

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Skin dispigmentation

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Scar discoloration is very common. Yes, a dermatologist may offer you some advice and perhaps even a solution for the color difference, but I will tell you that may scars will improve with time on their own. Sometimes the color improves over a year or two as well.

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Forehead scar

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A dermatologist can certainly advise you about the natural history of scar maturation, that is improvement with time as scars heal in and it can take up to a year to see the final result. Scars as you describe often fade in time but there are certain topical agents that can help and the most important thing is sun protection. You do not describe the size of the scar or if there are any depressions, etc. If there is any concern about a surgical scar revision (which doesn't seem likely based on what you have described) then be sure to see a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon for a second opinion.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
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