Recommended Scar Removal Cream for Deep Scars?

I had cut my hand by knife. After some days, I found deep scars can you help me? Can you please suggest any anti-scar cream which can make me get rid of it as early as it can?

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No such thing as scar removal cream

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Unfortunately, once a scar occurs in skin it can never be completely removed. And there is no cream that will remove or eliminate scarring. However, while removal is not possible, scar improvement or revision is. Scars may be improved in many different ways, depending on the type, location and size of the scar. Some of the most popular and effective methods for scar improvement include surgical revision, laser treatment, and dermabrasion. It's important to see a physician who has considerable experience with scar revision so they may evaluate the specifics of the scar and work with you to choose the appropriate type of revision for your particular star.

If the cut is recent, and the scar is actually still forming, silicone sheeting or silicone scar gels will help optimize cosmetic outcome. These are the only products proven in studies to help minimize the scarring. Silicone sheets should be worn 8-12 hours per day for 2 months to help optimize scarring.

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