How to Remove Facial Scars from an Accident?

I had an accident in 2006. I got 11 stich marks on my face and lost some skin near the eye area. That portion is very black and still, there is no change in the colour. Is there any chance for the color to be reduced? Kindly advise me.

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Scar treatment

The best way to offer suggestions is to have a consultation with an appropriate doctor. Sometimes scar revision can offer improvement to the appearance of a scar. If it is a pigment issue, then some lasers may be of benefit as well.

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Scar revision and hyperpigmentation

Your best bet would be to see an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Sometimes we can improve hyperpigmentation with lasers or IPL machines. Sometimes a scar revision surgery needs to be done, and sometimes there is not much we can do. Talk to a surgeon experienced in facial reconstruction. It is difficult to say whether you ahve hyperpigmentation or perhaps a traumatic tattoo, so the doctor will need to examine you to further discuss your options.

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