Scar Reducing Cream After Breast Augmentation?

I have the incision on the breast fold 48 hours ago. The incisions still have the steri-tape, but I would like to be proactive with reducing the scar visibility. When can scar reducing creams be applied, and are there any types that are recommended? (by the way, thank you to all the doctors that answer these forum questions.. you've been amazing!)

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Scar Reducing Products

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I recommend using products which contain silicone for reducing and improving scarring.  There are several which are available without a prescription in different vehicles (creams, ointments, tapes).  Ask your doctor when you can begin using them.  I usually ask patients to wait 2-3 weeks post-op.

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Scar reducing cream

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I recommend one of the silicone like tapes such as Mederma or Scar therapy.  CVS and Walgreens also have their own brand which is fine.  Before you start using these speak to your surgeon to see when he or she wants you to start.  I have my patients start about 8-10 days post op after the sutures are removed.  Enjoy your implants.  Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

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