Can I Get Mixto Therapy if My Skin Scars Easily with Hyperpigmentation?

I am 49 yrs old, caucasion and scheduled to do Mixto Laser. My skin tends to produce dark scars from insect bits/acne, etc and after reading your site, I am now concerned this is a riskier procedure for me. Although through a Dr's office(OB gyn) it will be performed by an RN who says she has been doing procedures full time for some years,(FYI, I had a rather severe reaction to the cauterizing type machine used 20 yrs ago for broken capillaries;took month to heal.) thank you!

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MIXTO by RN - Hyperpigmentation and Healing Concerns

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This is a potentially tricky situation, I believe you should talk to an experienced physician before proceeding with a laser like this. Any laser including MIXTO can cause an worsening in pigmentation and these procedures and clinical situations need to be carefully managed -especially if you have had difficulties healing in the past. I would generally recommend a pigment stabilizing routine a few weeks to months ahead of the procedure, careful laser setting selection and post procedure pigment optimization routines for best results. Good luck!

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If you already have concerns, re-consider your choices

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Hi there-

Especially if you are already concerned that you are not the perfect candidate, it does not seem wise to be having a cosmetic laser treatment in your GYN's office- I don't care who is doing it.

There is simply no way that your GYN or his staff has the same understanding of the patient selection, variations in technique, post-treatment care options, and complication management that you would benefit from in the hands of an experienced dermatologist, facial plastic surgeon, or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

In other words, it is a mistake to think that doing this type of procedure is simply a matter of turning the laser on and pointing it at the skin. There are actually decisions to be made in order for the patient to be safe and get the best outcome.

The thing with these kind of procedures is that when everything goes perfectly, you might not know the difference... But it's when there is a problem that might leave you with permanent scarring on your face that you'll be happy you put yourself in the hands of someone who really knows what they're doing.

Be careful.

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