Scar Pain After Abdominal Surgery and Tummy Tuck for Crohn's

I am 18 years old and at 5'9", I weigh 109lbs. I have a burning sensation down one side of my abdomen to the left of my tummy tuck scar, which is constant and a sharp piercing pain which occurs when clothes touch my skin, also a tightness which prevents me from breathing deeply.

I wanted to know if the burning is normal, and how to reduce the pain. Also what I can do to reduce the tightness, or if I should contact my surgeon?

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Surgical scar pain

Dear Jelly

It is unfortunate that you suffer from Crohn's and have had to go through the surgeries. Having family that has had multiple surgeries for the same disease, I can understand what you have gone through.

It sounds to me as if you really didn't have a tummy tuck, but a scar revision. Some patients can form adhesions and even neuromas. These neuromas come from nerve ends that are divided and then grow into a little ball. They can be extremely sensitive. Speak to your plastic surgeon. He may want to refer you to a pain management specialist as well to help your problem.

Good Luck.

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Nerve like pain after abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

Why did you have a tummy tuck scar at 18. Are you sure it was't just a laparotomy incision?

Many nerves are potentially transected or potentially ligated in the course of abdominal surgery. Also liposuction may also produce varying degrees of nerve injury.

In either instance dysesthesias (uncomfortable pain of neurogenic origin) can be the result. This is typicall most severe for 3-4 weeks after injury and then tends to subside.

In rare instances, I have prescribed Lyrica for brief periods to calm the nerve pain. In other instances I have explored the wound to search for neuromas or nerve entrapment.

Frequently, desensitization exercises may provide you with relief over the long term.

Discuss your pain with your physicians or surgeons to manage or treat the condition.

Generally the tightness will subside with time.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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