Old Scar on my Leg. Contractubex Didn't Help Much. Help!

Im 34 yrs old asian. Got into a car accident last 2009 and had a minor non-keloid scar on my lower leg. The scar is brown and also a bit dented. Tried Contractubex but only had minimal effect. Pls help! I cant wear skirts and its still obvious even when under a hose. Thx!

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Dark scar revision with Melarase PM and Melarase AM

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Dark scars on the legs and thighs are best improved with topical creams such as Melarase AM for the daytime and Melarase PM for nighttime application.

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Scar Revision

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For a scar to be barely visible, it needs to be caused by a knife or scalpel, it needs to be oriented along the skin wrinkle lines and needs to be repaired by an expert. Leg wounds are very hard to hide. Most are caused by blunt injuries, are not sharply trimmed in the ER / OR and rarely repaired in layered fashion. NO cream / lotion would smooth a bad looking scar. The best option may be to start all over and do a scar revision. You should consult a Plastic surgeon and learn your options. Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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