Would This Scar Heal over Time from A TT?

I had a tummy tuck about 7 weeks ago. Right after surgery I noticed a purple line from my belly button to the TT incesion. I was told it was dead skin and that it should go away. The line has converted into a scar. I am just worried that I may have this scar permanently below my belly button and that I will not be able to wear a two piece bathing suit. Would this scar go away on its own? Should I be treating it? I have been using a Silicon tape over it...but it has not helped much. Thx!

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Post tummy tuck scarring

Your scar is in the inflammatory phase of healing and may be at its worst right now. Whenever the skin is cut full thickness, a permanent scar will result, so when you express concern about the permanency of the scar, I do not know what you understood from your pre op consultation, but, if you believed that it would heal scar free, that would not be reasonable. Silicone sheeting or tape does not do its work overnight. Healing is a long, slow process which requires patience. You should continue to followup with your plastic surgeon and to share your concerns with him.

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