Will This Scar Further Improve by Fraxel Restore? (photo)

3 months post Fraxel Restore and scar is still noticeably pronounced under lights. What type of scar is this consider and is this scar too old for it to improve by Fraxel Restore? How can I improve this scar what step should i take next? This scar is roughly 6 years old and believed caused by acne. Its couple small indented scars but it just they are so close to each other make it look like a very wide and long scars that merged together. Please Help!

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A series of Fraxel treatments is necessary to change a scar

Your scar has sharp irregular edges and is moderately deep - both qualities make it difficult to change with Fraxel Re:Store. Fraxel Re:Pair would be a better choice but still would require a series. A better option is to excise the scar and then do Fraxel treatments on the new scar which will respond better because it won't have the negative qualities of the old scar and is in a better position to improve because it is new 

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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This may improve slightly

Judging from your picture, I do not believe Fraxel or any other fractionated laser will make a huge difference in your scar. I think it would help some, but be fairly subtle. Widened depressed scars like yours I believe are best served by revision. It's true that remodeling of scars by dermabrasion or laser resurfacing is more effective in the earlier healing phase but improvements can be made years later although not as effective.

Samson Lee, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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