Scar from Mole Removal- How To Treat?

My son had a mole removed from his lower cheek/jaw area. It was removed via punch biopsy, stitches removed after 7 days. part of the mole is still there, along with a reddish mark, making the site appear more noticeable than the scar. I feel bad about this, the derm said that it will fade(the reddish area) in a year, but he wouldnt do anything about the remaining mole. The remaining part of the mole is slightly raised, making thwe reddish area appear indented...please help

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Scar after Mole Removal

The reddish area (post-inflammatory erythema) should clear over 6-12months, and the area will become less noticeable as this redness fades.  The residual mole sounds like the area of most concern at this time to you and your son.  A simple excision with proper aesthetic closure is probably best-- and this type of procedure is quite routine for any Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.  One note-- these procedures are easily performed in an out patient facility, and only require local anesthesia--- if the physician you consult with recommends general anesthesia, I would seek another opinion.  He should do very well-- good luck.


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Scar from Mole Removal- How To Treat?

Wow! See a boarded PS in your area to completely remove the "mole" and close the incision nicely. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Fixing a scar from a mole removal

To get the best cosmetic results from any type of skin surgery you need a physician who takes pride in their work no matter how small the procedure. This physician is an individual, not a specialty. Many dermatologists specialize in cosmetic surgery and leave the best possible, minimal scar with any of their procedures. Look for a caring physician that you feel comfortable with and trust, not simply a plastic surgeon as has been suggested below.

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Mole incompletely removed.

I'm sorry you and your son are having this issue. The mole should have been completely excised via an elliptical excision along lines of relaxed skin tension, rather than a circle (punch). This would have left a slightly larger scar, but one without dog ears, and without residual mole that is visible along with the immature scar.

True, the redness will fade over 6-12 months, but the mole that somehow warranted biopsy is incompletely treated. I would recommend a plastic surgeon who can completely excise the remaining mole, improve the smoothness of the scar, and likely leave a somewhat longer but substantially improved scar. Most plastic surgeons who do lots of cosmetic surgery would take pride in even this "small" job and do their best to make it better. Best wishes!

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