Is this how a scar from an excision mole removal should look after 7 months? (photo)

I've been using Kelo Cote since the mole was removed. There were no complications from the procedure. The stitches were in for exactly five days. I'm young, don't smoke, no sun damage, no history of bad scarring. I was told that the scar shouldn't be noticeable. In my mind, the scar is pretty apparent. Is this normal?

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Scar after mole removal

I hope you have consulted your surgeon, as he or she would certainly want you to be pleased with the scar after excisional surgery, and much can be done to help. The sooner it is addressed, however, the more successful the outcome.

it js possible your surgeon will reccommend a revision, if the puckering that. I think. I see on this 2 D image is indeed there.

I often use retinoids before and after surgery, and laser after suture removal and a month later is very helpful inminimizing scarring.

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