Nonsurgical Treatment of Forehead Scar?

I have a scar on my forehead that runs from my hair line to between my eyebrows. It is red, wide, and slightly indented. Are there any nonsurgical treaments I can seek or is surgery the best was to improve a scars apperance?

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Improve forehead scars without surgery or scar revision surgery

Forehead scars can be improved with surgical revision or non-surgical scar revision with ablative or non-ablative lasers, both of which we offer in our plastic surgery clinic.  Lasers can retexturize the forehead scars.

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Treatment Options for Forehead Scar

All excellent feedbback from the panel members.  Much depends on the actual evaluation of the scar.  Because you are interested in non-surgical options, class IV medical lasers work to improve the texture as well as the discoloration.  Besides a silicone preparation, be diligent in  the use of sunscreen to this area each and every day inasmuch as UV exposure may affect the appearance of the scar. See the below link for before/after photos that demonstrate how lasers can treat scars.

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Scars on Forehead- Non-surgical treatments

Dermabrasion can be a powerful camouflage tool, particularly in scars which are slightly raised.  Dermabrasion intermixes the two sides of the scar (similar to a dremel tool) and helps blur the dimensions of the scar.  Other non surgical approaches to an unsatisfactory scar will include the use of facial fillers, LASER therapy, kenalog injections and other modalities depending on the type of scar.

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Non surgical scar improvement

Thanks for your question -

Depending on the maturity of the scar topical treatments like Mederma, ScarGuard or silicone sheeting can make small improvements in the scar.

Things that would require surgery include separation of the frontalis muscle, foreign bodies in the wound, excessively wide scars.

I hope this helps.

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Depends on the scar

You haven't said how old the scar is and this is critical information. Immature scars, less than 3-6 months old, will be red and perhaps slightly raised. Massage, possibly laser treatments, and time will help dramatically. If the scar is more than a year old, you may well need a scar revision. Remember that "scar revision" is NOT "scar erasure" and that you will always have a scar. Vertical scars on the upper forehead are bad because they go totally against the natural skin lines and are thus much more visible.

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Forehead scar treatment

The red color suggests that you may have an immature scar. The goal is improvement in scar discoloration and to improve scar contour. Complete obliteration of the scar is not realistic or achievable. Non-surgical treatments that can help include nightly application of silicone gel sheeting and a series of laser/light treatments, either the pulsed dye laser (v-beam) or IPL/fotofacial at 4 week intervals.

Once the scar is matured (12-18 months), if you are still unhappy with the appearance of the scar, I would consult a plastic surgeon with experience in scar revision. Scars can be broken into shorter lines and re-oriented surgically so they are less conspicuous.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
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