Repair Stitches Scar Below Eye Lid

I Have a Scar Just Under my Eye and Its Because of Stitches I Had Some 10yrs Before...The scar is formed because of stitches on my right eye just below the eye lids. Its because i fell down from a pole 10yrs back and i hit the ground just below my eye and i had stitches for that which now left a mark of some 4cm but not deep at all. So i want to know the best procedure to remove it completely and make my face look fairer. i Stay in India and want to know the approximate cost of the surgery as well as the time needed for the surgery.I have pimple scars also tell for tht as well.

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Scar Treatment: Common Questions

The best treatment for your scar would be excision with a precise closure. Sun avoidance after surgery for a period of 6 months is essential to prevent the fine line from becoming hyperpigmented (tan). The details of your other questions are best answered by your local physician.

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