Is Scar Excision Failure Common?

I have a deep ice pick scar on the front of my cheek, right under my cheek bone, that I want to get an excision on. I am of Korean descent. What exactly causes excisions to fail and is excision failure a common occurrence that results to a larger scar?

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Usually successful

Most ice pick scars can be excised with either a punch biopsy technique.

In the former a small circular insrument, a bit larger than the scar is drilled into the area ( after local anesthesia of course), the scar is removed and a suture might be placed upon the wont of the surgeon.

Ice pick scars are usually too small for subcision to be used. Subcision is more effective for deep, rolling scars. The tissue is separated from the deep scar and blood and fluid pools filling in the defect.

Usually, the above method works, but you are correct. Sometimes, if it does not a somewhat larger scar is created. You should consult with someone experienced with the technique.

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