Scar Excision with Botox?

Is it possible to have a very, very thin, and small linear hypertrophic scar (on my face) excised with the injection of Botox with a little chance of recurrence post-op? It's small and the hypertrophic scar formed as a result of ripping off a scab too early. I would prefer excision to anything else as the surrounding skin slightly tethers inward to this linear scar. I have light brown skin. Will it be possible for me to get good results?

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Botox for scars

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Excision of scars is a tried and true technique of scar revision. In areas with excessive tension due to movement, Botox may work to inhibit myofibroblast activity and may help enormously.  

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Botox For Scar Improvement Is an Unusual Treatment

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Especially for the thin scar you describe.

An indented scar might respond to Botox if muscle movement plays a role in making it deeper, but you will lose muscle movement on that part of your face which may appear unusual.

And remember, the effects of Botox will go away in 3 months or so, and this would be an expensive treatment to keep your scar appearing better.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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