Hard Lump Where My Drainage Tubes Were Post-BA- Will It Improve?

I am 3 weeks post op from breast augmentation surgery and have discovered hard lumps where the drainage tubes came out (they were in for 24 hours) Will this get better over time or is there something I can do to help it along?

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Drainage Tube Firmness?

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Thank you for the question.

The tissue reaction around the drains  will soften up over the course of the next few months and should not be an issue long-term.

I hope this helps.

Drain tube firmness 3 weeks after breast augmentation--this WILL get better.

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You should also be able to feel that your incision is also firm--this is a normal part of the healing process, and complete softening occurs over many weeks and months as scar tissue matures.

Of greater concern to me is that drains were used in the first place. Was there so much bleeding that your surgeon felt compelled to stop surgery before all bleeders (even the small ones) were controlled and the pocket irrigated until clear? Blood and bacteria (even "normal" skin or ductal bacteria) are the two most common causes of capsular contracture. While that fluid or blood was draining out, there was a breach in your body (the drainage tube) along which bacteria could enter into the (otherwise sterile) pocket. Sort of like rats along a docked ship's hawsers (mooring ropes).

Since you are at 3 weeks post-op, you can begin gentle Vitamin E massage to help soften both your incision and the drain sites. Keep your scars out of the sun until completely faded (6-12 months), and if you note the onset of any firmness, see your surgeon immediately for consideration of Accolate or Singulair therapy (unproven but potentially helpful for early capsular contracture). Best wishes!

Lumpy tissue at drainage sites post op breast augmentation

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Hi Minna,

I recommend you have your PS examine you first before massaging area. If your surgeon is certain no infection is present, then rest assured that these 'lumps' will resolve on their own with time. Make sure you keep area clean and dry to accelerate healing. Best wishes, Dr. H

Hardness where drainage tubes were placed

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This should improve over time.  You have some scar tissue that generally improves over time and is usually is aided with massage of the area.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Hard lump at drain site

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Firmness at the location of a drain site is fairly common.  This typically resolves spontaneously.  Massaging the area may be helpful but  speak to your surgeon about this before you proceed.

Breast Drain Lumps

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The exit site where drains were placed may have a little tissue reaction which should certainly resolve without difficulty over the next several months. There is nothing you need to do except be patient and keep in touch with your surgeon.

Richard Linderman, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

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