My Mole Removal Scar Gets Deeper and Deeper - Any Remedies?

I had my mole removed last 2010 May 5. Since it's rounded and kinda big, it undergo dual process- shave Excision and Laser. The doctor advised mo to used Catrix Ointment because it will help to flatten the skin due to incision and gave me a scar gel removal. When I applied oinment in the skin, I massage it very well and even stretch it. I am fond of touching it always and now I have noticed that it gets deeper and deeper. Am I doing the right thing? Can I still prevent it from getting deeper? :(

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Ctrix is worthless.

Wait one year, reevaluate the scar then and decide if you need any thing. You need to allow the scar to mature.

I can not tell if the scar is depressed. If it is depressed, then have another opinion by a plastic surgeon

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Scar Improvement After Mole Removal

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It takes 6-12 months for the scar to fully mature. It is difficult to determine from your description whether the scar is thickened (raised like a hypertrophic scar) or depressed. I would talk to your dermatologist about options for treatment. If it's raised, it might benefit from injections of a steroid and from silicone bandages. If it's depressed, it might benefit from injection of a soft-tissue filler or re-excision of the scar and sutured closure. If your not satisfied with the options presented to you by your dermatologist, seek a second opinion from another dermatologist.

Andrew Kaufman, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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