Can Scar Cream Be Used to Remove Injury Scar on Leg?

If yes what scar cream can i use? I have a lot of injury scar on my legs preventing me from wearing shorts or skirts.

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Best scar cream on the market! Patient satisfaction in my office is 100%! It is easy to use so patients will use the product regularly.  Affordable too!

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Scar "removal" is not possible by any technique

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There is no surgery, laser, or cream that can "remove" scars.  They can be massaged, lightened with IPL treatments, and revised surgically to make them less visible sometimes, but they will always be ther unfortunately.

NO Scar cream is capable of erasing a Scar

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A scar is permanent. It cannot be erased by any medical or surgical modality. The best we could do in some cases is make the scar less conspicuous. Regardless of the price on the tube, NONE of the scar creams on the market can magically erase your scar.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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