Are Scar Corrections Usually Necessary After Scar Abcess?

Almost 4 weeks post tummy tuck with an abscess that suddenly appeared. Also when sitting down on the front porch i felt a huge tug like a string was being pulled tight (knees were bent, spread apart and parallel w/ my chest) then i felt a hard pop under my skin like something ripped or a stitch under my skin broke? can stretching damage your internal stitches, and cause abcesses, and what can i possible do to aviod this terrible bloating or swelling and could bloating have caused the abcess?

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Tummy Tuck

Some stitches can break, but usually there more so you should refrain from doing whatever you were doing to break the first stitch.  Allow time to heal and this may take several months.  Stretching can damage the stitches so avoid any extreme movements.

Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Suture abscesses

A suture abscess or "spitting suture" is not uncommon regardless of the operation. Most times, these areas heal without any further intervention beyond removal of the suture and basic wound care. The resulting scars often are not concerning to patients. There is not much that one can do to prevent these from occurring. 

David Bogue, MD
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Stitch abscees and need for correction

Stitch abscess are not uncommon and are due to a local reaction to the foreign body, namely the suture. Sometimes the offending suture needs to be removed to result in spontaneous healing. But in most cases once the abscess heals there is no need for surgical scar revision.

George Lefkovits, MD
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Stitch abscess

This looks like a stitch abscess - a reaction of the body to the material of the dissolving stitches commonly used. They usually disappear on their own within the first few weeks as the suture material gets absorbed by the body. Occasionally removing the offending suture. Most of the times these areas settle well without the need for a scar revision.

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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