Scar Correction and Correction of Dog Ears From Tummy Tuck/Lipo. Should my Surgeon Pay For it?

Scar correction and correction of dog ears if needed should that not be paid by the surgeon that did my tummy tuck and lipo? Since I have open wound after surgery the scar most likely will be bigger ones healed Thank you,

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Financial Responsibility for Further Surgery after Complications?

Thank you for the question.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to revisionary surgery after  complications have occurred. You will find therefore that every plastic surgeon may have a different viewpoint/policy in this regard.

Keep in mind, that the occurrence of a complication ( such as an open wound)  does not necessarily indicate that the  surgeon made an error and/or is responsible for  costs of additional surgery etc.  In other words,  a complication or  unfavorable result of surgery does not necessarily equate to physician error or malpractice.

On the other hand, most plastic surgeons will work hard to maintain a happy patient.  You may find that your plastic surgeon is willing to work with you.  I would suggest calm and non- accusatory communication.

Best wishes.

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Revision Surgery for Scar Correction

Occasional revision surgery after any type of surgery is common especially after cosmetic plastic surgery. Most plastic surgeons will not charge patients any surgical fees for revisions. However, the cost of anesthesia and facility is usually the responsibility of the patient. As you can imagine, there is a cost to the materials and staff who will assist with the revision surgery. Many plastic surgeons (myself included) will work very hard to avoid revision surgery. You should discuss the revision policy with your plastic surgeon. In my practice, this policy is disclosed prior to any procedure.


The complication rate after cosmetic surgery by board certified plastic surgeons is very low. Complication does not necessarily mean physician error or malpractice. Most plastic surgeons want the best for their patient and will not charge surgical fees for revision surgery after complication. The best way to deal with complication and revisional surgery is to work with your surgeon to resolve the situation.

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Scar revision after abdominoplasty

Much depends upon the written agreement that you have with your plastic surgeon.  It is not unreasonable to charge a facility fee to cover the costs of running the OR.  In terms of dogears, a less than perfect result does not necessarily mandate that the surgeon revise the scars at no cost, although it may be good business to do it!  In terms of the open wound, this should be allowed to heal secondarily and any revision should be deferred for at least 6 months to a year until the scar has a chance to settle down.  From your question, I am inferring that you currently have an open wound and underwent surgery relatively recently.  If this is the case, give things a chance to settle down before concluding that revision will be required but, certainly, note your concerns to your plastic surgeon and inquire what his policy is so you can be forewarned. 

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