Scar Capsule After Chin Implant Removal?

I am thinking of having a medium sized chin implant removed that was placed 2 months ago. I have been reading that the left behind scar capsule can cause deformations after months or years of the removal. How common are the deformations and to what extent? , this abstract stated that out of 10 patients, 9 had deformations after the removal.

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Chin implant removal

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I have performed hundreds of chin augmentations with implants and most of these are done in conjunction with rhinoplasty surgery to properly balance the aesthetic features and profile of the face. With this said there are so many types of implants on the market today and different surgeons use different types, sizes and styles. Some of these are more prone to be problematic upon removal. Depending on the size style and length of time the implant has been in all play a factor in the capsulation and possibility of post removal problems. The question I keep asking myself is why so many patients on this site are considering removal. When this operation is done properly the results are highly effective, with minimal downtime and add a wonderful aesthetic to the patients overall results. In thirty years of surgery I have removed very few implants or resized them. I use a digital imaging computer in the consulting phase which allows the patient to see the proposed surgical result. See your surgeon and discuss the pros and cons of removal in your specific case and get a proper diagnosis and surgical plan. Best regards!l

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