Do I need a scar and TT revision? (photo)

I had a full TT with a BL and BA nearly 7mos ago. I still have quite a bit of loose skin and my scars are wide and hard. I also had lipo to my flanks but one side is bigger than the other and now is have a noticeable muffin top.

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Revision Surgery

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Thank you for your pictures. You need a scar revision on your breast and a revision on your tummy tuck to tighten your skin.

Dr. ES

Do I need a scar and TT revision?

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You can have scar revisions and additional surgery but the results are acceptable. My guess is your improvement from the before NON posted photo would be excellent...

Revisional surgery after tummy tuck

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Thanks for your question and for supplying the photos. You should go back to your original plastic surgeon to discuss these valid issues which you raise.

It is not uncommon for patients to need some minor revisional surgery after having a tummy tuck. It looks like you would get a good result if the excess skin above the scar was removed, and maybe a little more liposuction to the flanks. In terms of the widened hard scars, the option are either a trial of steroid injection (which helps with the hardness, not the wideness) or a scar revision (where the scar is cut out and you start again with a fresh scar).

I hope this helps.

Contact your doctor

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seen your pic , you are developing Keloid on your scar, some slicone cream or stips could be helpfull. Contact your doctor and let him know.

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