Scar After Septo/alar Base Reduction? (photo)

Good morning from the UK. I hope you are all well? So I'm 7 weeks and 4 days post op. as of about 10 days ago I Noticed my right nostril had some kind of a bump on it. I assumed it must have been a spot but it does not appear to have gone down much and upon close inspection it looks if it is a scar. was meant to see my surgeon at 6 weeks post op but they called to cancelled until 4th June. Is this a common occurrence? Is there anything that can be done ? Is it a scar? Will it go down? Thankyou

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Cyst, Infection or Scar

It is difficult to tell based on photos alone which of these three this could be.  I would call your surgeon and tell them you are worried you may have an infection so they can take a look sooner.  Treatment could be unroofing the cyst, antibiotics for an infection or steroid injection for hypertrophic or keloid (less likely in this location) scar.  Hopefully your visit yesterday went well and addressed this.

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