Scalp, Infilitrating BCC - Should I See my Doctor Again?

I had a VERY large infiltrating BCC removed from my scalp (Mohs/secondary intention) 1 year ago. While the wound is not open, every 4-6 weeks, very thick scabs of dry skin appear and then eventually come off. Should I see my doctor? Thank you.

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I simply say yes. Even though BCC are relatively benign the infiltrative type can be aggresive. A small punch biopsy is quick and fast and can help determine between a recurrence and a benign skin condition

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Scaling after Wound Healed Following Mohs Surgery

It is possible that the scaling is related to the healed scar, but the doctor should examine the area to be sure there is not any recurrence of your skin cancer. As a general rule, once you've had a skin cancer  you should be seen at least once or twice a year to look for possible new skin cancers and to assure that no prior skin cancers recur. One of those appointments should include a full body examination of your skin, and you should be performing monthly self examinations.

Andrew Kaufman, MD
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