Scalp Scar From Nevus Removal? (photo)

I had a surgery to remove a nevus in my head, but i had problems and now i had a keloid scar . It doesn't grow hair over the scar, and it's big in my opinion, i donĀ“t like it because i can't cut my hair very short. I'd like t know what can i do to reduce it, maybe a surgery?, and if i had a surgery would i have a scar again?, does a natural way to treat the scar exist?. Thank you.

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Treatment of scalp scar

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In looking at your photos, I believe you have a widened scar but not a true keloid.  There are a number of surgical options to improve the scar and decrease the non hair bearing area.  These options include scalp advancement/rotation flaps, tissue expansion with an implant, and hair transplant surgery.  To determine which of these options would be best in your case, see a local board certified plastic surgeon.  Best wishes.

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Scalp scars and baldness from surgery

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You have a iatrogenic alopecia scar and the best option would be to either perform FUE or surgically excise the scar and coapt without loss of hair.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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