Scalp Lipoma Complication

I have a lipoma in the left lower rear quadrant of my head, at the same level as my ear. It is large and filled a space where I had a similar growth 22 years ago. It recently began inducing pain in my neck and headaches. My doctor says it has significantly scarred the skin and that removal would seem to require removing that portion of skin and grafting a replacement. I suspect this approach will be very noticable. We are looking for alternative approaches.

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Scalp Lipoma Removal

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Make sure you have discussed this with a board certified plastic surgeon that has had the opportunity to examine you.  If the overlying scalp has normal hair then I think it should stay.  The lipoma is under the scalp and should not cause any damage to the scalp.  The previous scar will have to be dealt with but a plastic surgeon should be able to accomplish this.  If a portion of the scar and scalp is removed the hair bearing scalp should be able to be moved to fill the open area.

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