Scab on Septum is Normal?

scab on nostril wall after 2 months that normal?

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Scab on Septum is Normal?

    I would recommend an exam by your surgeon to determine if there should be any cause for concern.


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Scab Following Nose Surgery


To get a helpful answer about your concern, we are going to need more information.  Of course, the best thing to do, if you haven't already done so, is to address this concern with your surgeon, who is the person most qualified to take all known information into consideration, since nobody is going to know the details of what surgery was done as much as he/she.  For us to help you online, it would be helpful to know your understanding of exactly what surgery was done and why -- as well as photos if you are able to provide those -- and a description of how things have progressed since surgery.  However, thanks for the inquiry and I hope you find good answers to your concerns.

Dr. Richard Parfitt


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