Would It Be Save for Me to Go on a Trip to Thailand 2 Weeks After a Breast Augmentation?

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Not recommended

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Traveling 2 weeks after breast augmentation so far from your surgeon may not be a good idea. This is because you are still early on in your recovery and if you suffer from a complication, you'll need to seek medical attention. However, you should discuss this with you surgeon.

Travel after breast augmentation

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We live in a mobile society and people want to go go go all the time. We counsel our patients about traveling after surgery. You should not lift any luggage that weighs over 10 pounds. You probably shouldn't be putting things into overhead bins other than a jacket. You want to avoid pulling heavy luggage or lifting luggage into cabs or buses. All of this applies for about 6-8 weeks after surgery You shouldn't get into pools or hot tubs or the ocean water around Phuket for about 6 weeks and make sure you have no scabs before you do get into the water. You should discuss your plans with your surgeon before, not after, your surgery. Buy trip insurance if you absolutely have to travel within two weeks. Remember, while women generally heal great and do great after an augmentation, problems may arise. If significant problems occur, you might need to cancel your trip. You'd be unhappy if you'd already paid for the tickets and you didn't have trip insurance that included provisions for canceling related to medical issues.

Kelly R. Kunkel, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Traveling after Breast Augmentation

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Hi.  In our office we wouldn't recommend you traveling to Thailand 2 weeks after surgery.  It does put you at a higher risk for post surgical blood clots.  4-6 weeks is usually what we recommend.  Sometimes if the flight is shorter, maybe 2 hours, we may ok it, but would want you to definitely wear compression stockings, take a baby aspirin daily, and recommend you sit in an aisle seat so you can get up often and move around.  Good Luck with your surgery and travel. 

Earl H. Parrish, MD (retired)
Medford Plastic Surgeon

Trip to Thailand 2 Weeks after Breast Augmentation

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       Usually at 2 weeks, risk of hematoma and other acute issues are very small but not nonexistent. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Breast augmentation and trip to Thailand

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I think you will be cutting it close if you go two weeks after breaste augmentation to Thailand. Most likely you will be ok, but if something goes wrong during the early post-op period you may not be ready to go.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Traveling after surgery

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I would not recommend traveling to Thailand only 2 weeks after breast augmentation.

Yes, more likely than not all would be fine, but why take the risk?


I have been in practice since 1985 and have seen the unexpected occur...so perhaps it makes me more conservative.

Good luck with the surgery and the trip!

Ann F. Reilley, MD (retired)
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

Go on a Trip to Thailand 2 Weeks After a Breast Augmentation

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It would be very unusual to develop a problem at two weeks that isn't already apparent, so it seems reasonable. Your surgeon, however, is the best source for post op advice. 

Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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