Would It Be Safe to Go for Dot Fraction Laser While Taking Accutane?

i've been taking accutane for a couple of months now and already done a one treatment of dot fraction laser on my back and forehead. but is it save to go with more treatments or should i wait ?

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Accutane and lasers

Are you having these laser treatments at the same place you are being prescribed the Accutane from? In general, we don't recommend laser treatments while on Accutane, though if you are doing both at the same time with the same office, and they are going over specific parameters and such with you, and setting your treatments up with appropriate settings because of your Accutane, then it can be safe. But my assumption is you're not doing these at the same place, in which case, no, don't do anymore laser treatments until you've finished your regimen of Accutane.

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