Are the results of my rhinoplasty/septoplasty good/noticeable? Nose still looks crooked to me (Photos)

I'm about 6 weeks post surgery and my nose seems to look almost the same as before. I have a follow up with the doctor in about 3 weeks but would like to get other opinions before then. Does my nose look symmetrical and good or does it basically look the same as before? The black photos are before and the blue photos are after (taken today)

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Deviated nose

6 weeks postop after an open rhinoplasty is still very early with regard to the healing process.  Swelling and edema of the overlying soft tissue envelope makes it difficult to evaluate the underlying cartilage and bony nasal skeleton – which was addressed during initial open rhinoplasty surgery.     This swelling  camouflages the underlying skeletal framework of the nose.   As the swelling improves, sometimes the nose can look better–or conversely look even worse.  It is difficult to have patience, and sometimes early revision nasal surgery is indicated – but  typically repeated early revision surgery is not recommended.  Most plastic surgeons prefer to wait 6-9 months, and preferably a year,  before considering open rhinoplasty revision.  At this time, a more accurate evaluation and surgical correction could potentially be achieved if necessary.

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