Is it normal for my nipples to get hard after breast implants? (Photo)

Other women's advice, comments- It's been right at a year after I had my implants and I have loved every minute with my new tatas! ! Hehe but my question is! I know how most women never regain feeling in there nipples after implants but I have full feeling and everything in mine and whether it's cold out or I'm turned on my nipples get really hard and that's the problem is when I'm out in public everyone can see almost my whole nipple! Lol so I was jw is this normal or what?!!!

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Nipple sensation and hard nipples after augmentation

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Thanks for your questions and post.  After performing over 5,000 augs, I can tell you that over 98% of my patients retain nipple sensation once the healing process is complete.  If your nipples are slightly hypersensitive, it can cause firmness with the least amount of stimulation.  Hypersensitivity indicates incomplete healing.  Some supplements that may help your nerves to heal include high grade fish oil (or Krill oil), alpha lipoic acid, and CoEnzyme Q10.  Any natural food store should have these (don't get them at a pharmacy or grocery store).  Hope this helps!

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